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Welcome to the Hernandez Lab Ibis Project!

Since 2009 we have been studying the White Ibis (Eudocimus albus) in urban areas in south Florida. The main goal of our research is to understand the effects of urbanization on this bird in South Florida. We focus primarily on ibises in urban Palm Beach County. Our sites include local community parks and zoos where ibises spend a lot of time, show little fear of people, and, in most cases, are getting fed by people.


The Ibis Band Re-sighting Project

We hope to use unique color bands to identify and re-sight ibis to study how often they use urban areas and to better understand possible implications of their movements on their health. You can help by looking for our banded ibis and reporting any sightings to us. Check out the "Report Ibis Sightings" page for more information on how to report your ibis sightings.


If you have seen an ibis like this, use this email form (opens a new mail message). or iNaturalist.org to report a sighting to us!

Note: This ibis has a green/black combination band on the right leg and a red band on top of a blue band on the left. This birds' unique band combination is “Green/black Red Blue (GbkRBl)”. The green/black combination band on the right leg signifies that this bird was captured at Indian Creek Park in Jupiter, FL.